About Uma Devi

Uma experienced heightened psychic abilities throughout childhood. At age eighteen, she had a powerful spiritual awakening that further intensified her intuitive senses, bringing experiences of astral travel, spirit visits, and precognition, that catalyzed her personal transformation and set her on a path of the heart and healing.

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What to expect during your reading

The goal of the reading is to help you gain true clarity. Uma will address both the bigger picture of what opportunities your current situation brings into your life as well as the nuts and bolts of how to address your situation on a day-to-day basis.

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I had to laugh: last week I was at a family function and I discovered that now most of my family has had readings from Uma! We don’t know how she does it, not only does she have a clear gift of clairvoyance, but she seems to have a vast amount of life experience and resources that inform the reading… whether it’s about buying a house, working through the court system, starting a business, dealing with learning disabilities, or finding a home for our aging parents, the advice is very…S.C., Berkeley, CA
I don’t usually go to psychics because I’ve had a couple of experiences where I felt that the person laid a trip on me, and it was difficult to recover from that. I’ve never felt that with Uma, quite the opposite. I feel that Uma is kind, respectful of me, and at the same time she is very truthful. She is compassionate and extremely tuned in. Everything that she has told me has felt right and/or turned out to be accurate. She is my go-to person for a psychic reading!D.Z., California, USA
Uma is great, I first heard about Uma from a coworker as someone to talk to about my horrible divorce. I was reluctant to call because it seemed unlikely that talking to a psychic could make anything better. Boy was I wrong. Uma offered insight, strategies for dealing with my ex, with the legal system, and with handling my own emotions. More importantly, Uma helped me re-orient myself from a “victim” mentality to approaching this difficult time with curiosity – and as an opportunity for…M. Adams, San Francisco, CA
When I am confused and stuck and don’t know what to do, and I call Uma for a reading, she gives me a way to look at things that helps me take action that has positive results. I know I can count on her and I am very happy that I have Uma in my corner.M. Smith, Milpitas, CA